What is Synergee?

Synergee is a streamlined creation and management solution for maximum performance on the web. Built from the ground up with the Education Travel Industry in mind, it can manage a website from creation right through to its administration and market use.

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User Friendly

Our robots are friendly

Synergee has been built from the ground up with an emphasis on usability, making it simultaneously advanced and user friendly, ensuring that everyone can get the most out of its great features. more info...

Generate Quotes

Visually engaging quotes

Customers can generate their own comprehensive quotes from your website covering course costs, accommodation fees, transfers, insurance as well as optional course selection. more info...

Credit Card Payment

Visa, Mastercard, Paybox, Paypal, etc.

Receive deposits in advance of every booking using Synergee's online payment system. With PayPal, PayBox and many major banks, you have complete control over terms of payment. more info...